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Zorb Special Notice

Zorb has rapidly become one of the staple products in diaper making.  In the last year, more than 1 million diapers have been made with Zorb, and that number grows every month!  We have been listening to your feedback, we are planning a few changes to make Zorb even better:

Change of Standard Widths.  We have been selling Zorb in 76" and 38" widths.  We have had many clients request narrower and wider widths for Zorb, so that's what we're doing.  Approximately Feb 1, we are retiring the 36" width, and replacing it  with 45" and 30".  The cost per square yard will not increase for these 30" and 45"sizes, the cost for 74" materials will be increased to offset the additional handling charges we incur for this width of material.   We decided to make these changes for a few reasons:

  • 30" width matches the width of tubular fleece and French terry so manufacturers using full body layers can now cut Zorb with fleece and terry using the same spread and marker.
  • home sewers and cutters can manage the narrow rolls on their smaller tables
  • UPS oversize shipping charges ($8 to $50) are eliminated for (we have been absorbing these charges while we figure out the best customer solution)
  • Overall handling difficulties with large rolls for carriers, our staff and our clients
  • 74" rolls will be available by special order

Color/Colour changes from Blue to White: Up till now we have used a blend of blue fibers (2%) to get the unique Zorb color.  While the color is pleasant, it tends to darken or dull light and bright colored PUL and lining materials.   March 1st, we are removing the blue fibers from the recipe, so Zorb will be all white.

Density/thickness: You may not notice this change, but we want to let you know anyway.  When the color changes to White, we are slightly increasing the density of the fabric.  You may notice it is a tiny bit thinner, 0.12" vs. 0.13" thick and a tiny bit stiffer.   We did this for a couple of reasons:

  • Compacting the fabric reduces outbound shipping costs - you will save!
  • A slight stiffening of the fabric hand makes sewing easier.  Commercial sewers will be able to serge faster without making pressure foot and tension adjustments, home sewers will notice less twisting and less wavy seams. 

This has no impact on the performance of the fabric, not will there be any changes required to your designs.  The absorbency / m2 and per layers in your diapers will be exactly the same.  The hand and loft should be nearly identical for the blue and white versions after a few washes.