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Wholesale and Coop


Wazoodle is a 'wholesale to the public' store, you will find our regular goods selection is considerably lower priced than regular fabric stores. 

Our web site offers discounts up to 100 yards on all items, if you're purchasing in larger quantities please contact us to see whether additional volume discounts are available.

We supply competitively priced assortments to fabric retail stores, guilds and many smaller manufacturers.


If you run a co-op, we may be able to help!  Wazoodle provides fabrics and a menu of fulfillment services to co-op owners. Using us to support your co-ops results in lower prices and more free time for the co-op owner.  We know collecting, cutting and shipping are the least fun part of cooping -- we're setup to efficiently handle all of hard stuff so you can spend more time on the fun part of co-oping!  All you pay for is the fabric and actual to-the-customer shipping charges. Read more...

Here's what we provide:

  • Deep discounts on fabrics
  • High resolution product scans, product descriptions complete with fiber content and weights
  • Fulfillment - cutting, packaging and direct to customer shipping (free, except for the actual shipping charges).

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Regards, and happy sewing!

Lee Anne Morris
Head Wazoodler