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Shipping Charges

Our web store calculates shipping charges based on the destination and weight of your package.

You only pay the actual charges for shipping, we do not charge additional handling fees. 

Shipping times

Typical delivery times  
US Destinations
Lower 48 - USPS, UPS or FEDEX Ground, 2-3 days in the east, 4-6 in the west.

AK: USPS 12-15 days,  HI, GU: USPS  25 days.  Expedited 4-6 day service available for additional charge - contact us when you place your order.

APOs: USPS transfers to APO service in 2-3 days.
Canada Destinations

Canada Post, UPS or FEDEX 1-3 days in the east, 4-7 days in the west.

International Destinations

Postal Mail Surface Class: 30-45 Days
Postal Mail Air Class: 4-7 Days

Once your order is paid for, we do our best get it to the shipping company within 3 business days. Occasionally we will be out of stock on some items.  If this is the case, we may hold your order for up to 5 business days, or make a split shipment (you only pay shipping once).

Our web site displays your shipping charge based on the size of your order.  For retail shipments to the lower 48 states and Canada we charge the exact amount we show on your order confirmation.   If you add to your order, or combine multiple orders, we will gladly consolidate your shipment to save you shipping costs. 

Shipping Rates 1lb 2lb 3lb 4lb 5lb 10lb 20lb
US/Canada Ground $7.85 $8.75 $9.65 $10.55 $11.45 $15.95 $24.95
International Surface $11.05 $15.10 $19.15 $23.20 $27.25 $47.50 $88.00
International Air $22.10 $30.20 $38.30 $46.40 $54.50 $95.00 $176.00

*Exceptions- charged actual freight costs

  • wholesale orders

  • rolls longer than 60" (150cm) have a $7 oversized

  • shipments outside the continental US

  • deliveries to fly-in only postal locations

We automatically divide your shipment into multiple 1 or 2KG packages if that saves you shipping costs for you.  Here are our standard international shipping costs in US dollars:

Additional Delivery Surcharges: You are responsible for all inbound/outbound shipping charges when deliveries cannot be made for the following reasons:

  • You refuse the shipment when delivered
  • Your parcel has an address correction or redirection charge assessed by the carrier 
  • Your shipment is is returned because you provided an incorrect address, failed to collect your parcel from the carrier, or because you have no postal compliant mailbox (NMR - No Mail Receptacle).

But, we are a friendly bunch and we will work with you to get the problem fixed one way or another.

A few notes for Overseas customers:

When you plan your order, consider the weights of your fabric:

  • Micro Fleece: 9oz/yd (250g/yd)
  • Polar Fleece: 10-18oz/yd (280-500g/yd)
  • Flannel/Cotton: 8oz/yd (225g/yd)
  • Knits: 12oz/yd (335g/yd)
  • Jogging fleeces and French terry: 12oz/yd (335g/yd), 18oz/lyd (500g/lyd)
  • ProCare: 72" 16oz/yd (400g/yd), 36" 8oz/yd (200g/yd)
  • Denims/Cords: 14oz/yd (390g/yd)

Shipments are sent by surface parcel post.  Parcels generally arrive in the destination country within 20 business days - delivery time after that point is at the discretion of your national Customs and Post offices.  You can arrange for air mail delivery (7 days to most countries) for an additional cost.   If you prefer airmail, please advise at the time of your order.  We will confirm additional shipping charges with you before your package leaves.

Last update: Sep 2007