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ProCare - Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions regarding ProCare.  Some of these are from sewers and manufacturers doing research.  We also find occasional rumors that circulate through the diapering community's various discussion boards.  Hopefully this FAQ will help!
May 25 2005
Is ProCare being discontinued?  No.


This week there was another AOL discussion  'net rumor that Wazoodle was discontinuing ProCare.  Not true! ProCare is in full production and we plan to keep it that way for a long, long time. 

These rumors appear once and a while.  Thanks to CP for bringing this to our attention.

Which side goes out?


That depends!  ProCare, like most fabrics has 2 sides, a face and a back.  ProCare's face is shiny and smooth, the back has a soft knit appearance and texture. 
  • Diapering: the back (knit side) is on the inside of the diaper, shiny side out. For soaker barriers, the shiny side faces out.
  • Wet bag and diaper pail liners: knit is on the outside of your bag
  • Mattress and change table covers: shiny side (face) out.
  • Dining table protectors: Knit side down against the table
  • Bibs: Shiny side out

For the best seam seal, sew the faces of the fabric together.  This will provide a tight, non wicking seam.