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Store Policies


Missing Package?

Packages shipped to with couriers (USPS, Fexed etc,), can be traced in real time.  Mail carriers (USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail etc,) only track at pickup and delivery, so there is no 'in-transit' progress available.  Tracing information and proof of delivery may not be available on some services.

Tracing:  We update shipping information on our web site twice a week.  If your order is not delivered in Canada or the USA within 15 days of shipping, or 45 days to Europe, Africa, Asia, AU/NZ please submit a help request through out help system at www.wazoodle.com/help.  Your package will be considered lost when it has passed the delivery standards for the carrier.

As with all vendors, your order becomes your property once it goods become your property once once we hand them over to the carrier, but we are nice so we will do whatever we can to make sure your shipment gets to you.

All sales are FOB our dock.  Wazoodle provides carrier proof of shipment, all goods become property of the buyer once they leave our dock.


If you make a mistake on your order, you may return most items to us within 30 days from date of purchase - no questions asked - as long as your fabrics have not been cut, washed or processed.  

The following items cannot be returned:

  • Patterns or books
  • Final Sale items (from our Yard Sale or Clearance departments)
  • Cut, washed or processed goods
  • Cuts smaller than 1 yard

You are responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs, fractional remnants  (meaning your cut us rounded down to the next closest yard) and any incidental charges that may be related to return shipping, and a 25% restocking charge. 

Refunds are issued for products returned 30 days from shipment. 

After 30 days and up to 60 you may return cuts of 10 yards or greater for a store credit. 

Returns should be sent to :

Wazoodle Fabrics
ORDER : [your order#]

Sold out and out of stock items

Most sewing notions and basic items and  in standard colors are usually re-orderable.  Due to the nature of fashion fabrics, prints, fancies, and textured knits are one time runs, when they are sold out they will be difficult to impossible to find or repeat. 

  1. If a substantial portion of your order is not available, we will contact you by telephone.  For example, if your order has 10 yards of assorted fabric and 4 yards are unavailable we will call you. 
  2. If a single item is missing from your order, we may mark the missing item sold out and provide you a refund - OR - or back order it for future delivery.

The only exception to this is when we hold our seasonal clearance or Yard Sales.  Yard Sale items are first come first serve basis -- we will not contact you if these items are not available.

Cut Sizes

Wazoodle adheres to industry norms for cut sizes, we do everything we can to provide you with a continuous cut. 

If this is not possible, we will provide you with seamed or split cuts with no more than 1 seam every 10 yards.  When your cut is split, we provide a no charge cutting allowance of 1/2 yard/seam.

Our minimum is .25yards of fabric.


Our website charges US dollars for all countries except Canada. 

Canadian buyers are billed in Canadian dollars.  Canadian buyers who prefer to purchase off our US price may do so by selecting the country "CANADA (US$ billing)" in your account profile.   Please note US$ invoices are created off our US$ price list only, we do not recalculate foreign exchange conversions at daily rates.

Payment Agreement

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal through our secure web site.  We understand some customers are not willing to enter personal or credit card information on a web page, if this is you, you can simply select PAY BY PHONE, or call in your order and credit card information. 

If payment has not been settled after 7 days we may cancel or reschedule your order.  Orders that are cancelled by you or for non payment can be reinstated by completing payment.  Please note the inventory held for your initial order is release for sale to other clients after 7 days.  Reinstated orders will be held for up to 10 days if part of your order is out of stock.

NSF Checks, Frivolous Disputes:

NSF checks, PayPal disputes and Credit Charge charge-backs made on orders marked shipped but delayed or lost by the carrier, delayed by governmental process (whether delivered or not), orders refused, and orders in your possession are generally considered fraudulent, frivolous or without merit.  When making payments, you are entering an agreement to all terms and conditions accept all terms and conditions as published on this page sill supersede those established with PayPal or your credit card provider.  If an NSF check is returned, or a PayPal claim,  or Credit Card charge-back is ruled against you for any of these reasons reason, we may:

  • bill you $50 to cover investigation and reporting costs
  • apply a  2.9% monthly finance charge for the time your balance is past due
  • report your debt as delinquent to retail credit bureaus
  • file fraud charges
  • recover debts through collection agencies or courts

Taxes, Duties and Customs fees

Please remember tax are calculated based on the where your product is delivered, not your billing address. 

None, zero!

No duties or customs fees.
GST or HST, based on province of delivery.  Up to July 1 2010 PST is charged on shipments delivered in Ontario.

Local duties, customs fees, and taxes may be assessed by your country's customs and excise offices.  Most countries allow small value shipments to be imported duty free, consult your local excise office to check limits for your country.


All shipments are FOB our dock.  Ownership of the goods and all risk of loss, delay and damage are transferred to the buyer once we hand goods over to the carrier.

Typical delivery times  
US Destinations
Lower 48 - USPS, UPS or FEDEX Ground, 2-3 days in the east, 4-6 in the west.

AK: USPS 12-15 days,  HI, GU: USPS  25 days.  Expedited 4-6 day service available for additional charge - contact us when you place your order.

APOs: USPS transfers to APO service in 2-3 days.
Canada Destinations

Canada Post, UPS or FEDEX 1-3 days in the east, 4-7 days in the west.

International Destinations

Postal Mail Surface Class: 30-45 Days
Postal Mail Air Class: 4-7 Days

Once your order is paid for, we do our best get it to the shipping company within 3 business days. Occasionally we will be out of stock on some items.  If this is the case, we may hold your order for up to 5 business days, or make a split shipment (you only pay shipping once).  If you place an additional order before your current order ships, we can generally combine your orders to save you on shipping charges. Current Processing time:::. %%file(%%tmplatedir%%process_time%%tmplext%%)%% .::

Our web site displays your shipping charge based on the size of your order.  For retail shipments to the lower 48 states and Canada we charge the exact amount we show on your order confirmation.   If you add to your order, or combine multiple orders, we will gladly consolidate your shipment to save you shipping costs. 

Shipping Rates* 1lb 2lb 3lb 4lb 5lb 10lb 20lb Approx
Fuel Surcharge
US/Canada Ground $8.75 $9.65 $10.55 $11.45 $15.95 $16.95 $24.95 10%
International Surface $11.05 $15.10 $19.15 $23.20 $27.25 $47.50 $88.00 18%
International Air $22.10 $30.20 $38.30 $46.40 $54.50 $95.00 $176.00 30%

Note: Fuel Surcharges are in effect for all carriers.

*Exceptions- charged actual freight costs

  • wholesale orders

  • rolls longer than 60" (150cm) have a $7 oversized

  • shipments outside the continental US

  • deliveries to fly-in only postal locations

We automatically divide your shipment into multiple 1 or 2KG packages if that saves you shipping costs for you.  Here are our standard international shipping costs in US dollars:

Additional Surcharges: You are responsible for all inbound/outbound shipping charges plus a restocking fee on ordered items when deliveries cannot be made for the following reasons:

Our parcel has an address correction or redirection charge assessed by the carrier Actual carrier fees, typically $7.50 + distance fees if applicable
Shipment returned because you supplied the wrong address We will reship to your new address.  You pay the return shipping fee + actual  shipping fee to corrected address
You refuse delivery of a shipment or do not collect the shipment from your post office Return shipping charges + $10 + 25% restocking fees.  Any difference will be available as a store credit.
  • Your shipment is is returned because you provided an incorrect address, failed to collect your parcel from the carrier, or you refuse a shipment.  You will be charged for postage in both directions + a 25% restocking fee + a return fee of $10 for processing your return shipment.  The difference from what you originally paid will be available as a store credit.

But, we are a friendly bunch and we will work with you to get the problem fixed one way or another.

A few notes for Overseas customers:

When you plan your order, consider the weights of your fabric:

  • Micro Fleece: 9oz/yd (250g/yd)
  • Polar Fleece: 10-18oz/yd (280-500g/yd)
  • Flannel/Cotton: 8oz/yd (225g/yd)
  • Knits: 12oz/yd (335g/yd)
  • Jogging fleeces and French terry: 12oz/yd (335g/yd), 18oz/lyd (500g/lyd)
  • ProCare: 72" 16oz/yd (400g/yd), 36" 8oz/yd (200g/yd)
  • Denims/Cords: 14oz/yd (390g/yd)

Shipments are sent by surface parcel post.  Parcels generally arrive in the destination country within 20-30 business days - delivery time after that point is at the discretion of your national Customs and Post offices.  You can arrange for air mail delivery (7 days to most countries) for an additional cost.   If you prefer airmail, please advise at the time of your order.  We will confirm additional shipping charges with you before your package leaves.

We can always provide proof of mailing or carrier dispatch, depending on the service and your domestic post office we may not be able to provide tracking or proof of delivery.  Proof of dispatch from the carrier is sufficient to prove we delivered the goods into your possession.  

These policies form an Agreement at checkout

The policies contained on this page constitute an agreement between Wazoodle and you once you checkout from our web store.  At  check out you will see a link that informs you that checking out constitutes your agreement to these terms.  A link to this page is provided so you may review theses terms before accepting them.  If you do not agree, you should not proceed through the checkout. 

Software, Copyrights and Trademarks

The following are properties of Wazoodle Fabrics. 

We developed our own shopping cart, image processing and trouble ticketing systems.  We get lots of people asking to license these applications, sorry, we do not sell or license our proprietary software. 

You may use the Wazoodle Logo and name only for specifically referencing and linking to our web site.  No other content, trademarks or registered trademarks may be used without prior written consent. Any other infringement.

Our intellectual software property:
  • Our shopping cart software
  • Our trouble ticketing system
Our  Registered Trademarks:
  • Wazoodle
  • DiaperMaker, "Diaper Maker"
  • ProCare
  • ProCool
  • ZORB
  • All content and components of this website including site design, software, product descriptions, and FAQs.
  • Wazoodle logo and typefaces as shown:

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