ProCare™ is a durable soft barrier fabric commonly used in the medical, diapering and veterinary care markets. Use this  durable fabric anywhere you need barrier protection and  frequent sanitizing.

Procare is stable in stretch and recovery, and does not shrink.   It can be seam welded to make waterproof bags using impulse sealers, plastic welders or solvents.  It can als be stitched to a  non-wicking seam.

ProCare meets duty, laundering and material safety standards for use in medical and institutional products.

  • waterproof cover fabric for all-in-one diapers, swim diapers
  • incontinent products for adults and special needs applications
  • diaper bag, diaper pail lining


  • bib backings, aprons and art smocks
  • change table pad covers
  • mattress protection sheets and covers
  • washable maternity and feminine products