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We're looking for a few great partners.

Do you operate a website, blog or discussion forum?  If so, we are interested in joint promotion.  Our preference is exchanging links between our sites.  If you want some reciprocal promotion, let us know how you would like us to link back to your site.

If you simply want to add a link to Wazoodle.com, we will provide you a 20% discount off your next purchase.  All you need to do is include one of the links listed below.  Just add your link, then let us know.    Once your link to us is up and running, email us, and you'll receive your 20% off coupon as soon as we validate the link -- usually 1 business day.

To qualify, you need to use one of the links listed below.  Please do not link to our home page, it gets enough traffic already.

Choose one of the following to link back to Wazoodle:

Also, see the bolded phrase in front of the URL? Try and use that in your actual link, or close to it.


Small details: You may link from more than one web site, blog, or discussion board to earn additional coupons.   You may use 1 coupon per purchase.  Wazoodle.com reserves the right to approve all coupons based on the validity of the web site.  We will not approve links from banner or link farms, doorway page sites, or any site that contains gaming, financial schemes of adult oriented content.

Regards, and happy sewing!

Lee Anne Morris
Head Wazoodler