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Nice Letters
Hi Lee Anne,

I keep wanting to let you know that the fabrics I ordered (roots, pebble, Italian knit) are just sooooooo wonderful!  I am using them for my online "not your ordinary T class" and they have made up into the most beautiful garments.  Your fabric, and service, are the best.  Also I got the KS pattern that was missed in the original order, and I thank you for that.

Flash sale...must check!


Hi Lee Anne,

I just wanted to let you know that Wazoodle is my favorite fabric shop online!  It's always worth waiting for and I always find a great quality fabric for your low prices. You are always on top of a question and have great customer service.  I wish all my vendors were as wonderful.  Thanks and keep Wazoodling!
Gayle, Alaska

Lee Anne, another wonderful box of fabric!!  The flannels are scrumptious, New PJ's all round, your fabrics are always even better than on the screen, many many thanks again, looking forwards to my next delivery, Vee, UK

Hi Lee Anne,
I just wanted you to know that the order arrived here yesterday and I am so excited about all of it.  Thanks so much and I will be recommending your company to my friends here!!!!
Keep us in your prayers...
Victoria, Italy

I received my first order from Wazoodle. I was overjoyed. The fabric was just super, I was thrilled with everything. I know I will be ordering again.
Thank you so much Ellie

Hi again,
Just to let you know that I received my first order today and am very pleased with fabric. Thanks so very much.

Lee Anne,
I just can't resist those sales!!!

I am so excited about getting the order and my husband already has a wish list in for the camo fleece.

Thanks Again
Victoria from Italy

Hi Lee Anne, my order just came and the fabric is great.  Put me on your email list to let me know when things are happening on your site.

 Sharon from Michigan

Hi Leeanne,

I would like to thank you for the fleece, and the mitt pattern you sent along with my order. I really liked the fabric.

Thank You again,
Adelaide, Ontario

Hello Lee Anne,

I just found your site and want to congratulate you. It is very well done.
Marie, NYC

I like the quality (first time ordering from Wazoodle, but sooooo glad I found you), I'm bound to order on a regular schedule.


Hi again
Just to let you know that I received my first order today and am very pleased with fabric. Thanks very much.

Hi Lee Ann,

I received the fabric today, thanks very much.  Everything looks great! 
Thanks again, you'll be seeing an order from me in the new year,


I received my order yesterday!  This is the first time I have purchased fabric online.  I have to say I am very pleased. 
It is a lot more convenient than driving to my local fabric store and struggling with bolts of fabric only to stand in line for 10 to 20 minutes to have it cut.
What I got in the mail is exactly what I ordered from you!  The colours and quality are well represented on you website.
A very positive experience!! I will definitely do this again.
Yvonne in Halifax