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Diaper Kit FAQ

Q: What are the advantages of buying a kit?
A: Convenience, correctly matched textiles, time and $$$ savings
  • fabrics are professionally matched for performance, absorbency and durability
  • no time wasted finding fabrics and notions
  • little waste and guess on quantities
  • our kits are not precut, so you can make the little modifications often required to get the comfort, fit and features you desire. 

Q: Can I resell these diapers?
A: Of course!  Hundreds of Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) make and sell diapers from the patterns and kits they get from Wazoodle.  You are required to include our size labels in all diaper sold using this pattern.

Q: What comes in the kit?
A: All the fabrics and notions you need to make the diapers.  Your will need scissors or a rotary cutter, a sewing machine or serger, thread and some basic sewing skills.   

Q: Why donít you cut the fabric and notions?
A:  Most sewers prefer to do their own cutting because it  offers greater flexibility.  Precut patterns are rigid, so minor alterations for fit, comfort and style are not possible.  Cutting is the simplest step in construction, so we think having the flexibility to be creative outweighs the time saved in cutting. 

Q: Can I reuse the pattern as my own? 
A: Yes, and no.  Our pattern was is protected by copyright laws and is licensed to be used with these kits only.  you are free to make alterations to the design, but we ask that you respect our intellectual property.  

Q: What if I really mess up sewing?
A: You can email us with your situation. Most mistakes are fixable, some may not be. We all make mistakes sometimes.

Regards, and happy sewing!

Lee Anne Morris
Head Wazoodler