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Diaper Maker Focus Group

Wazoodle is committed to developing the best possible products for all markets we serve.  As part of our effort, we engage knowledgeable designers, sewers, and users to test, validate and provide feedback on our products.  You don't need to be a guru, however we do select people who are actively making or advocating cloth diapering.

Seats on our Focus Groups open up from time to time.  If you are interested in participating, there are a few rewards and perks to offset the cost of your time.  We ask for feedback,  and that you participate in the occasional poll, short survey, or chat session. 

Initial memberships seat is active for 90 days, it automatically renews if you are active in the group.  After 60 days of inactivity, we retire your seat (with thanks!) so new members can participate.  If your seat is retired, you may reapply at a future date. 

You membership in the group is a private matter, between you and us.  We do not disclose our Focus Group members without mutual consent.

Rewards? - Yes!  

  • Early access to new and interesting products
  • Free frequent buyer membership at our site
  • A chance to share your knowledge and learn from other experts

We are currently looking to add a 6 new members to the group.  If you are interested, please send an email with your contact information and a brief outline on your activities in diaper making.  Email to focus@wazoodle.net