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Washing Info     Cloth Diaper Costs  
Detergent cost/load:    Cloth Diapers Changes Diapers Unit Cost Total   
Other additives/load:    Age per day Needed Cost Diaper Cost  
    0 - 6 mo.  
I wash diapers every:   6-12 mo.  
My washer is a:    12-24+ mo.  
My Dryer is:    Potty Training  
Cost of Water and Energy   Cost of Washing (Cloth)
Total water/sewer bill is:    Loads Additives Water Energy Total
Gallons used on water bill:   
Your cost/gallon is:    
My electricity bill is:   
Kwh on electricity bill:    
Your cost/kwH is:   Laundering Cost
Prepared on:   Total Cost Estimate for Cloth Diapering
      Age 0-6 mo 7-12 mo 13-24 mo 25-30 mo Total

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