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  • Diaper made with 1 layer of Zorb II DimpleDiaper made with 1 layer of Zorb II Dimple
  • It's thick and thirsty.It's thick and thirsty.
  • SoakersSoakers




Zorb II™  the second generation absorbent fabric, and the latest innovation from Wazoodle Fabrics. 

Zorb II  is a reversible fabric with a bamboo/cotton face.  It can be used for a wide range of consumer, medical and institutional  absorbent applications.  The durable knitted face and back combined with a thirsty inner filling of Zorb material make it possible to make single layers  prefolds, fitted diapers, soakers, change pads, and play mats.   It's a Game Changer. 

ZorbII takes up moisture 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp, and has a much greater holding capacity than any other product on the market.  1 layer of Zorb II will replace 2 layers of most microfiber terry and up to 4 layers of cotton or bamboo French terry.   Every Zorb product has incredible holding power, a single layer holds up to 5 times the moisture of the best absorbing knits so leaking and exterior wicking can be greatly reduced. In the next few weeks we'll show you some basic design tips that will save materials and production costs while improving the overall performance of your products.  Stay tuned. 

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ZORB can be washed using home or industrial equipment and additives.  It absorbency is not effected by hard water or with natural detergent deposits diaper-stripping to regain absorbency is virtually eliminated.  

  • soft durable surface, soft flexible hand
  • cuts easily with scissors, rotary cutters, cloth drills and dies cutters
  • lays flay after cutting and no curl
  • sanitizes easily to help keep your products odor free
  • dries quickly, ideal for AIOs - no fussing with pockets!

Like all Wazoodle's DiaperMaker fabrics, ZORB is NAFTA compliant.  It's manufactured in USA and/or Canada in a clean, environmentally friendly facilities with fair labor and working conditions.

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Fabric Specs:

Tumble dry, medium heatBleach when requiredIron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry

Weight: %%fabric_weight%% (nominal)
Content: proprietary blend of natural and man-made fibers
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Shrink: <5% in either direction
Made In: USA and Canada 

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