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1 Pound of roving is
shown in this picture.


%%descr%%100% Organic wool roving is used for spinning, authentic stuffing for stuffing pillows, saddles, dolls, and for hand felt making. Our roving is  made from 100% virgin wool, gently hand washed and carded into roving.  We use the mildest soap available to preserve the wool's natural lanolin.

Each pound or roving is approximately 1 cubic foot (12" x 12" x12") when loose, and about 0.5 cubic foot (the size of a basketball)  when stuffed into a pillow.

  • Natural wool roving is not combed, they will contain traces of natural materials.
  • Roving is  not chemically processed, the full lanolin content and it's pleasant aroma are maintained.
  • Great for stuffing pillows or for traditional applications like Japanese mattresses, overcoat insulation, and heirloom doll making.
  • Hand wash or dry-clean. You can/will felt this by machine washing/drying.
  • Wool bats may have additional shipping charges since they are bulky!

Wazoodle Organic Wools are made in  Canada.

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