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%%descr%%100% Natural comfortable wool bats are used for quilting, comforters, and other craft projects requiring a natural, lofty fill. Our batting is 100% natural wool from Canadian sheep (they are fluffier because their farms are really cold!). These wools have no resins or bonding agents, and have been processed naturally to ensure there is no chemical residue.
Organic wool batting  is used for quilting, spinning, authentic stuffing for stuffing pillows, saddles, dolls, and for hand felt making. Our batting  is  made from 100% virgin wool, gently hand washed and carded into bats - there are no chemicals used in processing.   washing is done with the mildest soap available  to preserve the wool's natural lanolin.

PLEASE READ:  Full batts are  are approximately 3LBS and 42" wide x 90" long (105 x 230cm) and 3" (7.5cm) thick.  If you order 1 lb, you will get approx 1/3 of a bat, or a cut 42"x30"x3", 2lbs is 2/3 of a batt or 42"x60"x3".

1 lb 2 lb 3 lb 4 lb
1/3 of a batt 1/3 of a batt 1 batt 1 batt + 1/3 of a batt
42"x30" 42"x30" 42"x90" 42"x90"   +   42"x30"

Each pound of batting has an approximate volume of  1 cubic foot (12" x 12" x12") when loose, and about 0.5 cubic foot (the size of a basketball)  when stuffed into a pillow.

  • Natural wool bats are lightly combed (to retain loft) and therefore may contain traces of natural straw.
  • Batts are not chemically processed, so they come with a pleasant lanolin aroma.
    Bats are sold by the pound.
  • The average weight for a bat is 3 lbs, so if you order more than 3 lbs, it will be delivered in multiple bats.
    Great for stuffing pillows or for traditional applications like Japanese mattresses, overcoat insulation, and heirloom doll making.
  • Hand wash or dry-clean. You can/will felt this by machine washing/drying.
  • Wool bats are bulky so shipping charges are by volume.

Wazoodle Organic Wools are made in  Canada.

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