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%%descr%% This kit is made for repairing small holes in PUL and for resealing over embroidered areas.  The kit can be applied using a standard house hold iron.  Each kit includes:
  • 8"x12"  1 mil PUL film
  • 8"x12"  heat activated laminating adhesive
  • Insulating paper

Patching Instructions:

Locate the puncture on the inside (film side) of your PUL.  Clean laundry residues and lint prom the patch area. 

Cut a round edged patch from the kit, approximately (1cm) larger than the hole you need to patch. 

Preheat your iron to the WOOL setting ( HIGH).

Set your PUL film side up on a padded ironing board.  (If you don't have a padded board, use a folded bath towel on a table.)  Place the patch where you need it (make sure the glue film is in the middle!). Place the insulating paper over the patch, press your iron on the patch for 2 seconds then remove iron.  Make sure the hot iron does not directly touch your bare fabric, adhesive or  or the PU film. 

Flip your PUL over (cloth side up, place the heat paper over the cloth patch area and apply heat for 4 seconds to set the patch.

Resealing over embroidery uses the same process.

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