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%%IF($descr ne "") THEN %%descr%%%%This package is designed for WHAMs and small manufacturers who need additional products to compliment their diaper products, simply stitch on your tags and you have a top quality accessory for your line.   These beautiful wetbags are professionally designed and crafted with the following features:

  • Made with the finest quality Fabrite PUL, colorful outer and wipe down interior.
  • Front closing zippers add finishing style and offer considerably more leak protection than top zippered bags
  • Generous sized handle with snap closure for hanging and strapping door or stroller handles.
Each bag measures 12x15, large enough to hold 4-6 diapers, a pair of shoes, lunch, a handful of wet swimsuits, or a weekend's worth of toiletries.  Each package has a rainbow of colors, at least 8 different colors in each dozen. 

Order 12 dozen or more and we will sew your labels/tags into the bags at no charge. 

Bags are made in USA and Canada, they are NAFTA compliant.  Bags meet specifications for August 2009 CIPSA standards. 


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Fabric Specs:

Tumble dry, medium heatBleach when requiredIron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry

CPSIA Data (08/2008)
pH 5.6
Formaldehyde 0.0ppm
PCP & TeCP 0.0ppm
Phenols 0.0ppm
AZO Colorants 0.0ppm
Lead 0.0ppm
Made In: Canada.
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