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If you need tough, wipe down barrier fabrics for bibs, change pads, mattress protection, DSQ diapers, or lining diaper bags, we recommend  ProCare.



%%IF($descr ne "") THEN %%descr%% %%Feel like innovating?  Polyurethane barrier films are used as wind and moisture barriers in a wide range of garments.   If your barrier is hidden or embedded, this film is an excellent barrier option.

This 1mil (0.01")thick Polyurethane film is the same flexible, chemical resistant film used in laminates that waterproof diapers.  This film is sewn-in as a free floating layer between your outer fabric and an intermediate inner liner.  It's very popular for diapers made from Minkee, natural fiber fleece,  and other unique outer fabrics.   These films are clingy, so they are not recommended for exposed applications where they make direct contact with fingers, washer or dryer drums. 

This film is great for designers looking for greater flexibility in outer fabrics, particularly when the outer fabric is not suitable for lamination.  

Our Polyurethane film has excellent resistance to mildew, moulds, fungus and bacteria. It's low air and moisture permeability make it an excellent barrier for water and wind proofing. Typical applications:
  • imbedded moisture barrier for reusable diaper, nursing pads and feminine pads
  • imbedded wind barrier for hats, neck and face protectors, mitts and other garments used in cold climates or at high speeds (skiing, motor sports)
  • laminating film for web, film, solvent or powder
  • adhesives laminating lines
  • temporary protective covers for metal or bright works

Durometer 90 Shore A
Burst Strength 125PSI
Elasticity to tear 100 commercial launderings, 300 home launderings
Duty Cycle: 450% all directions
Flammability: CGSB-4.2.NO.275.5-M87 for children's and institutional products
US Part 1610 Class 1 or better compliance, suitable for institutional uses
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