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%% Polyurethane elastic (aka Lastin, Mobilon) is the gold standard for polyurethane tape elastics.  It's consistent tension, thickness and durability make it the favorite of manufacturers and leading designers.  Mobilon is is used for sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, children's  infant wear, and bed sheets. It's easy to sew, tough and stands up nicely to saltwater, chlorine from swimming pools, perspiration etc.

Note: "Lastin" is a generic name for TPU elastic - it is not a standard to be used for quality, consistency or specifications. 

Application Instructions and Tips:

  • Polyurethane elastic tapes must be stretched to their limit 3 times before sewing.  This relaxes the elastic's memory and will provide the best performance and fit in your finished garment.
  • Straight and basting stitching through solid rubber and PU tapes can create perforation lines, use zig-zag whenever possible.
  • 6mil (0.15mm) is the minimum thickness for diaper/nappy and swimsuit uses..

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Fabric Specs:
Putup: Festooned in bag
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Thickness: 5mil, .15micron
Content: 100% Polyurethane
Made in: Japan
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