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DiaperMaker Flushable EcoLiner is a one-time use material designed for single use lining of cloth diapers and incontinence products.  We make it available in yard goods for manufacturers who wish to offer unique shapes and sizes for their materials.  This material can be cut using scissors, round and straight knives or die cut.  

EcoLiner is a very light weight liner, using 50% less material than most liners on the market.  Less weight means less material, less waste and faster biodegrading.  Diaper liners made from EcoLiner decompose quickly so they can be safely flushed into working septic and municipal sewage systems.  They can also be placed in 'green bins' where this type of collection exists. 

Flushable diaper liners make it easier to clean and care for cloth diapers, they can also reduce skin irritation caused by residues left in cloth diapers after washing. 

  • reduces staining
  • make diapers easier to clean and sanitize
  • reduces odors from diaper pails

Like all Wazoodle's DiaperMaker fabrics, EcoLiner products are NAFTA compliant.  It's manufactured in  USA and Canada in a clean, environmentally friendly facilities with fair labor and working conditions.

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Fabric Specs:

Tumble dry, medium heatBleach when requiredIron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry

Weight: %%fabric_weight%% (nominal)
Content: 100% viscose
Width: %%fabric_width%%
Shrink: None
Made In: USA and Canada 
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