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Diaper Makerô PolyPlus is professional grade spun polyester sewing thread.  These threads have been selected for diaper making, they offer exceptional diaper making characteristics.  The are durable, colorfast, and fast running. 

  • stabilized polyester for high tenacity
  • low shrinkage - reduced seams stitches distortion
  • extremely high colorfastness - won't fade through high number of wash cycles
  • controlled elongation for the best stitch formation and seam construction
  • fast running speeds - reduce sewing times
  • excellent durability
  • long staple siliconized fibers for faster, cleaner, knot free running

Our threads have earned their reputation in home and professional sewing rooms around the world! 

Machine spools will run on regular home sewing machines and sergers.  1650 serger cones will run on home and commercial sergers.  6600yd cones require will run on any machine equipped with a thread stand.  

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