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DiaperMaker elastics have been specifically designed for long life and will outperform and outlast knitted and woven elastics in reusable cloth diaper.  These elastics are made by braiding durable yarns around sturdy elastic cords, the resulting elastic is trim, soft stretching and provides excellent recovery over time.

Choose cotton braid if you require an all-natural fiber content or if you like a firmer tension, choose polybraid for economy and a softer stretch.

Both cotton and poly braids are interchangeable in most designs.  As with all elastics, it is advisable that you test each elastic to make sure it works as expected with your design.   with your design if you plan to use them in production.  should test each type in your design as they have different tensions when stretched.   Both elastics elongate 120% under full load, cotton braid has more tension (harder to stretch) than polybraid. 

These elastics are suitable for children's diapers, diaper covers and swim diapers. They withstand repeated launderings and resist breakdown from chlorine, oxy and peroxide bleaches, bromine and salt water.   

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