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On AUG 13 2010 lucky Laurie Brown of Chicago purchased the 25,000th LGB diaper.  Laurie won her purchase + $500 worth of goodies from the store.

   Sometime between now and Oct a lucky buyer will purchase the 50,000th diaper -- and win their purchase plus $1000 in store goodies.


%%IF($descr ne "") THEN %%descr%% %% This kit includes all the fabrics required to make 96 cloth diapers -- enough to diaper a child from birth to potty training.  You will get 36 small, 36 medium and 24 large.  Your average material cost is $2.45, and did you notice the SNAP PRESS IS FREE! (You may substitute high quality hook and loop for the snaps and press at no extra charge). 

These top quality bamboo fitted diapers are easy to make-- all you add is thread and sewing. These precut kits are an excellent deal, they may  cost you less than purchasing yardage on your own!

These kits can be assembled on a basic home sewing machine or with a sewing machine and serger.  Diapers are 'easy-sew' projects so only basic sewing skills are required.  Click here for a video tutorial.  Here for a printable instructions, and here for a copy of the pattern for snap closure placement Large, Medium, Small.

Sizing Diaper
Waist Rise
Small 36 7-12lbs Size 1 14-18" 15"
Medium 36 10-18lbs Size 2-3 15.5-22" 17.5
Large 24 16-28 lbs Size 3 17.5-25.5 19"

Each kit includes the following items:

  • Precut outer fabric blanks:  Soft, natural color bamboo French terry

  • Precut next to skin fabric:  Soft diaper maker pique. 

  • Precut soaker fabric: 3 plies of Zorb

  • Elastics: Professional quality DiaperMaker elastics, 1/2 yd per diaper

  • Snaps and a Free Snap Press: Natural colored size 20 resin snaps (you can substitute hook and loop tape at no additional charge)
  • Instructions: Easy to follow assembly instructions and follow-up care instructions are available here.

If you are new to sewing, you can purchase a fully assembled sample diaper for $5.


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