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Fabric Specs:

Tumble dry, medium heatBleach when requiredIron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry


Finished Ottobre diaper, accented
with cotton baseball print (thanks Emily M)

This kit includes all the fabrics required to make All-In-Ones (AIO -- diapers with integrated covers) using the Ottobre Design diaper pattern.  This is a 2 ply + waterproof cover diaper with a multiply soaker pad.  Ottobre Design provides this pattern free of charge on their website, to download the pattern click here.  This is a is a little more complicated than the all flannel variation, but still suitable for a novice sewer. 

We take the guess work out of diaper making by packaging the correct yardage and fabric types for this diaper design.  Like all Wazoodle diaper kits, the fabrics and notions have been selected and matched by professional designers to make sure your diaper is easy to sew, and maintain.  Just is download the pattern, add thread and sewing skills!

Your require scissors (or a rotary cutter), a sewing machine or serger, and some basic sewing skills.  Diapers are 'easy-sew' projects that are easy for novice sewers.

Each kit includes the following:

  • Instructions: Easy to follow instructions for using the Ottobre Design pattern, comprehensive cutting plans, care instructions for maintaining your diapers.
  • Outer Fabric:  Waterproof PUL in colors -- choose between boys, girls and unisex color sets.
  • Inner next to skin fabric:  Diaper Maker micro fleece
  • Inner imbedded layer: 100% cotton flannel
  • Soaker Fabrics: 100% cotton flannel
  • Elastics: Professional quality natural cotton/rubbers Diaper Maker elastics
  • Closures: Premium quality DiaperMaker hook and loop tapes
  • Size Tags: Woven size tags
  • Extras: Professional fabric crayon -  layout and trace like a pro)

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