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Ottobre Design Diaper Pattern

This is a free pattern published by Ottobre Design of Finland.  It's easy to make, and best of all Ottobre provides this pattern free of charge to home diaper makers  (this, like most patterns is for non-commercial use only). The pattern has instructions for fitted and All-in-One diaper.  It does not include instructions for making diaper covers, so if you plan to make plain fitted diapers, you will need a covers or wraps..

Tips for using this pattern:

  • Printing the Pattern (IMPORTANT):  you require Adobe PDF viewer to view/print this pattern.  Use the viewer's print function, make sure the  MAKE SURE YOUR Page Handling-->Page scaling feature is set to NONE otherwise the pattern sizing will be distorted!
  • Fit: This pattern has a generous sizing, it's recommended you sew up a test diaper before cutting a bunch.
  • Terminology : Ottobre uses some terms unfamiliar to many diaper makers.  This should clear a few up:
    • Wadding: this is an unnecessary part of the pattern.  If you do want to follow the pattern closely, use quilt batting (cotton or polyester) as wadding.
    • Gauze: the patterns doesn't work well with gauze
    • Moisture proof fabric: use PUL or ProCare

This pattern is distributed by Ottobre from their web site.  Click the download button below to get yours!

Wazoodle has some easy order kits that have everything you need to make the diapers shown in this pattern.