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%%IF($descr ne "") THEN %%descr%% %%This is a beautiful weight fleece -- ideal for very warm fall and winter wear. This weight is hard to find -- it's used only by the best sportswear companies. Fleece is a soft, cuddly and warm knit fabric commonly used for sweatshirts, sweat pants, and jackets.

Wazoodle manufactures our own bamboo knits small batches using the finest quality yarns and processes.  Unlike imports, our fleeces we use only high modulus yarns which absorb more, maintain a higher luster and naturally resist pilling.  They are deliverer to you pre-washed and preshrunk --  follow our care instruction you can cut and sew right from the roll.  . 


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Fabric Specs:

Machine Washable on WARM (up to 40C / 105F)Tumble dry, MEDIUM heat settingBleach when required.Iron on Medium setting (150C / 300F)

Weight: %%fabric_weight%% (nominal)
Width: %%fabric_width%%
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CPSIA Data (08/2008)
pH 5.6
Formaldehyde  0.0ppm
PCP & TeCP  0.0ppm
Phenols 0.0ppm
AZO Colorants 0.0ppm
Lead 0.0ppm
Shrink: <5% in either direction
Made In: Canada.
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