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Pro-Cool Wicking Lacoste /

Pro-Cool Wicking Jersey


Athletic Dazzle

Swimsuit Lycras

This category has a variety of high performance knits designed for athletic wear, sleepwear and performance work wear.

Wazoodle Knits are manufactured to our specification, you wont find better quality or selection!


Soft and silky for higher end sports and sleep wear. 
For utility and performance non-contact athletic  and sleep wear.  For thermal  undergarments, linings, base and insulating layers. High sheen, low stretch bottom layer knit Lots of prints for poolside and beach wear

Air-Knit Mesh


Athletic Open
Soft Mesh


High Sheen
Micro Mesh


Mesh Linings

Assorted Tech and Athletic Knits
A breathable closed knit athletic mesh.


Heavy duty, for contact sports jerseys, mesh bags.



Great for basketball and other athletic wear. Great for lining lightweight jackets, pants, & swimwear A whole bunch of this and that.