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You will find a nice selection of prints and solids, in cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends.  Our Siltex jogging fleeces are all available with dye-lot matched ribbings for cuffs and collars.

SweatShirt Fleece

$ 6.90 Arctic Fleece - Dogs and Bones
Printed Sweatshirt

French Terry
$ 6.90 Siltex 1x1 Rib Knit Poly/Cotton/Lycra 11oz Red
Ribbed Knit for Cuffs and Collars

$             6.15 Malden Mills 200 Purple night
Micro Terry
These Bare Knit™ Interlocks are used by top fashion designers when they need the absolute best.  The combination of ring-spun cotton and 28 needle knitting gives these knits and unmatched buttery softness and drapey hand. Every shade in this collection is available with dye-lot matched ribbing.
Velour and Velvet
$             7.65 Malden Mills Micro - Forest Green
Fancy Fleeces, looper Fleece, and
$ 7.30 Yukon Super Micro - Navy