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These Bare Knit™ Interlocks are used by top fashion designers when they need the absolute best.  The combination of ring-spun cotton and 28 needle knitting gives these knits and unmatched buttery softness and drapey hand. Every shade in this collection is available with dye-lot matched ribbing.
Interlock Solid Colors

also includes pointelle and other double knits
Rib Knits are popular for form fitting tee shirts, leggings, and underwear (anywhere you would use Interlock). Rib is also used to form cuffs and collars on knit garments and flannel pyjamas.
Solid Colors
$             5.99 Cotton/Lycra Lacoste - Powder Blue

Wazoodle offers one of the finest selections of knits anywhere.  We always list weights and content.

  • Solid interlocks: always beefy 10-12oz, no paper thin imports

  • Jerseys are always top quality - lots of weights

$ 15.20 Grab Bag -- Guys Jersey T-Shirt Assortment

Grab Bags
$ 3.32 Jersey - Red-Denim-Grey Stripe
Just Stripes!