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Diaper Shop



 barrier fabrics

ZORB™ and DiaperMaker™ Micro Fiber Absorbent
Soaker fabrics

Fleece and
French Terry

We offer a complete selection of fabrics, notions, and patterns used to make reusable cloth diapers.

Wazoodle is the leader in design, development and manufacturing of diaper making textiles - with the exception of PUL, Wazoodle has developed virtually every innovative  diaper making textile in the market today.  This includes specialty barriers like our ProCare and DiaperMaker Polyurethane films, fast wicking DiaperMaker lining and micro fiber fleece,  high absorbency natural fiber knits, and our latest innovation, Zorb -- the ultimate in reusable soaker material.

Our specialty items are manufactured in using fair trade practices in US and Canadian mills.

We are also adding a full range of easy-order, easy to assemble kits.  These kits take the guesswork out of selecting fabrics, notions, patterns and calculating yardage.


Micro Fleece

Lining Jersey & Pique

in Microfiber

Flannel Solids
and Prints

Notions -- threads, snaps,

wooly nylon, elastics, Aplix...

Kits: Diapers,

Nursing Pads...


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