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ProCare® Barrier

Professional grade
barrier fabrics
for medical applications, diapers, bedding and change table pads

Diaper Maker™ & Fabrite brand PUL

Polyurethane Laminates

Professional grade
barrier fabrics
for medical diaper making applicationsfs


Barrier applications and rainwear


 Barrier applications and rainwear
Barrier fabrics are used for a wide variety of applications including diapers, wet bags, medical splash protection, and for outerwear. 
  ProCare Diaper Maker
Diaper Covers üüü üüü ü
Diaper Bags üüü ü  
Diaper Pails üüü    
Medical splash üüü üüü  
Bedding protection üüü    
Raincoats     ü
Rainsuits     üüü
Windsuits     üüü

ProCare® is a trademark registered to  Wazoodle Fabrics.