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About Us

Wazoodle started in 2002 as a part time business by Lee Anne Morris.  Her goal was to have a little something to keep busy when the kids were in school.  I guess she caught a tiger by the tail -- this little 'something to keep her busy'  turned out to be an ever-growing operation. 

Our Products:
We specialize in high  quality and hard to find textiles used for casual clothing, outerwear, sports and athletic wear, and diaper making. 

If you're  looking to sell textiles to us can send samples to our offices for consideration.  Please note Wazoodle buys and sells first quality, first run goods only -- do not offer us closeouts, jobber goods, or useable seconds.

Retail on the Web:
We operate a retail web store at www.wazoodle.com.  Our site is one of most visited fabric sites on the web, with close to a million visits each month.  Sorry - we do not operate a retail store.

Wazoodle wholesales to fabric shops, quilt shops and small manufacturers.  Our wholesale group offers a wider range of special order products that are not available through our web site.  If your requirements are larger ($200 per order and 10yd cuts minimums), you can contact our wholesale department free at: 1-866-473-4628.  

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Regards, and happy sewing!

Mike Morris